Wrestling with creativity!

So, I decided to have a look into this phenomenon of disappearing creativity and found I most certainly am not alone. There are so many self-help, free your creativity books and blogs out there, I thought I would have a look into what I found to be some of the most helpful and listed below.

The first site I took a look at was the Accidental Creative – www.accidentalcreative.com – this site is filled with articles, podcasts and books that are devoted to the subject of productivity, finding your inner creative freak and many more helpful tips.

Next is the 99% site by Behance. Their main focus is around making ideas happen, which is what design is all about – idea generation. 99% has loads of great articles and we found this little article that relates directly to our subject – http://goo.gl/2a8la for the homepage you can use this link – http://the99percent.com/

Then, most importantly,  we can’t forget to mention Edward De Bono. ”Edward de Bono is regarded by many to be the leading authority in the world in the field of creative thinking and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill.”

I’m in the process of reading one of his books called “How to have a beautiful mind” and it’s been a real eye opener. It teaches you how to see things from different points of view, as opposed to, just the one you might believe in and design for. Although the website isn’t much to look at, his books are invaluable and used by many universities across the globe. http://www.edwdebono.com/

There are many more sites that boost headings like ‘5 steps to improve your creative thinking’, but with all self help methods, some work and some don’t, but we think they are at most, worth a try.  Another suggestion worth a mention is don’t just stop at the article,  often the comments are worth their own weight in creative gold and come with links, that steer you into a haven of creative thinking and ideas.