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I have seen and had many clients ask me “Why is defining a brand so important?” Can I not just start with the company and sort all that out later?”

My answer is always No!

I mean sure you can, but to me doing things that way and excuse the French, is doing things half-arsed!

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The day I forgot my dreams

This may sound like a sad title and although I suppose on some level it is, the end goal and decision was not born from a sad place, but instead from a place that inspired me to change my mindset in order to move forward.

2015 has been a rough year; each and every person has felt the effects of our current global economic roller coaster ride in some form or other and I am no different.

In November this year, I was privileged enough to go on a trip that took me across a few continents. I love to travel and throughout my childhood and beginnings of adulthood, it’s all I thought about. I worked to travel. I loved how the skies were a different blue, how the houses in each country all had a different uniqueness to them, how different the creativity was. I could see myself living half way across the world in every different country with very different outcomes to how I was living now.

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An honest letter for Entrepreneurs

There has been a lot of talk recently about the perplexities of the freelancer and entrepreneur. For many it was a lifestyle choice, for others the only option they had left.

Circumstances around the world are so different that it’s hard to say what physical challenges you will face in comparison to someone in another country. I think it’s important to always remember that every place has its challenges.

Countries face many of their own physical challenges each one as frustrating to them as our own are to us.

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The Top Seven things to consider when designing a page layout

  • Volume of Text - This will impact your design enormously!  So when doing your mock ups always try work with the correct amount of dummy text, and consider the use of white space.
  • Type Selection - this is so huge, that books get written about this subject everyday.  You need to ask yourself ‘what is the correct typographic voice for this piece’
  • Grid System - Which structure is going to suit your layout? This question will be effected by the amount of text and images required
  • Image preparation - Images might need to be resized
  • Micro and Macro Typography - It’s important to pay attention to all aspects of typography.  This includes headings, body, captions, page numbers, quotations etc.
  • Typographic Hierarchy  - you should ask yourself ‘how are you going to express the importance of information within your spread?’
  • Overall Composition - Lastly you need to consider which elements you want to dominate the spread and work to find the balance that makes the layout as a whole work together.

Happy Designing!

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